When You Need a Third-Party Roof Inspection, Commercial or Residential

When You Need a Third-Party Roof Inspection, Commercial or Residential

How Routine Commercial Roof Maintenance Pays Off...for Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville FL...

Commercial Roof Maintenance Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas...

It is not uncommon for property managers and owners to defer roof maintenance until there is a problem.

This is especially true here, in Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville, FL. This “out of sight, out of mind” attitude toward roofing systems can cost thousands of dollars for Jacksonville commercial building owners and property management companies – and is simply poor asset management. 

Your commercial roof may represent as little as 10% of your building’s total cost but could be 90% of your problems if not properly maintained.

Extend the life of your roof with affordable annual roof inspections and cleaning.

Many of our commercial roofing clients find that their annual roof inspections and cleaning by JARDY Group, LLC are among the most important services we provide to them.

Leaves and debris accumulate on your roof, plug up drains and rain gutters and restrict the flow of water. When drainage is restricted, water can build up and enter your building under the flashings.

A properly maintained roof can last up to 20 years – but when not maintained, your roof could fail in less than half that time.
By performing annual cleanings and inspections, you will extend the life of your roof by as much as 30% and save you money in the long run.

JARDY Group, LLC removes leaves, debris, trash, and items left or thrown on the roofs.  We also become your eyes, identifying and documenting any improper penetrations or changes to the roof that may cause leaks or damage in the future.

JARDY Group, LLC performs inspections/cleanings for ALL types of flat roofing systems.
Built-Up Hot Asphalt Fiberglass Roofing Systems
Built-Up Hot Asphalt Polyester Roofing Systems
KEE Single Ply Roofing Membranes
PVC Single Ply Roofing Membranes
TPO Single Ply Roofing Membranes
Built-Up Hot Asphalt Fiberglass Roofing System



Routine inspections and maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the longevity of any roof.

The use of Infrared Thermal Imaging for roof moisture inspection has become an economical and feasible method of maintaining flat roofs generally found in commercial, industrial, and office building structures. 

Thermal imaging can assist in determining the extent of affected materials and may help to identify the source of leaks.

These infrared roof inspections can reduce the need for monolithic replacement by simply identifying smaller areas in need of repairs. Ideally, roofs should be surveyed shortly after installation to establish parameters to base future surveys on. A well-designed and maintained roof should be inspected every 2 to 3 years and after major weather events such as high wind and severe thunderstorms. 

If a leak is present, follow up inspections may help to locate the source and determine the extent of affected insulation needing replaced.

HAAG-Certified Inspectors will:

  • Check for leaks, structural damage and moisture
  • Make sure your roof has been built and installed correctly
  • Complete a roof survey that specifically adheres to ASTM standards
  • Provide you with a report, specifying our findings and recommendations

Are you worried that your commercial building might have a leaky roof? Then perform an IR Survey for quick answers...

What about your residential Roof? We have a 25-Point Certified Inspection tailored just for this type of roof...call us for details and cost.

Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection. Call Jardy Group, LLC today for a professional roof inspection. We inspect commercial and industrial roofs in the Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville, Florida area to ensure that they adhere to dimensional, mechanical and performance requirements.

Make sure you have a sound roof over your head...not a Leaky one!
Call 904-891-4749 today to schedule an appointment with Jardy Group, LLC of Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville, FL.

Routine Roof Maintenance

Routine Roof Maintenance

Residential Roof Cleaning...

Roof Cleaning should be part of your annual maintenance plan.  
Why? Because roof algae stains are a reality of Home ownership and Clean roofs also protect property values.
How often you clean your roof depends on several things:
There are many uncontrollable variables that help hasten algae/fungus staining. 
First, roof mold fungus will appear initially on the north side of the house and roof. 
This is because moisture stays there longer and, algae/fungus needs three things to grow: moisture, heat and a nutrient. 
Other variables beside the direction your house faces are the type, grade and manufacturer of your shingles, whether you have a water source (pond, ocean, lake or pool) nearby creating abundant moisture and how hot and humid the weather is. Continuous warm weather promotes fungus growth. 

Also, if you have trees near your house and they shade the roof, that promotes quicker fungus growth. If you haven't cleaned the leaves and pine needles off, that keeps your roof ripe for fungus growth too.

These variables combine to create the need to clean your roof immediately! 
Here's why: As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature. 
This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. 

Commercial Roof Cleaning...

Commercial Roof Cleaning...

Yes your roof too...It amazes me that Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing facilities think that their roofs are immune to what happens to the Residential side...total BS...and more dangerous thinking from just the stand point of costs $ alone.

I have inspected and surveyed thousands of commercial roofs, wrote the reports stating the premature aging, delimitation, and plain ignored to find out that a large percentage could of been saved if they would of just inspected and cleaned them.

FUNGUS is amongst all, commercial world or at your home...its been here since the spawning of time.

Too many commercial owners and property managers have experienced the pain and costs associated with deteriorating roofs resulting from exposure to sun, water, severe weather and other sources of leaks. Built up debris on the roof and improper drainage can cause ponding water and damage to the membrane of your roof and the insulation below it. Not to mention the spawning ground for roof fungus.

To fully understand the benefits of a roof maintenance program involving inspections and cleaning, consider all of the costs associated with significant damage to your commercial roof:
Costs of water damage cleanup
Damage to merchandise and inventory
Damage to building interiors, including furnishings & fixtures
Damage to equipment such as computers, electrical, specialty equipment
Costs from interruption to your business and lost use of space
Impact on building occupants exposure to bad IAQ, mold, bacteria, etc.
Costs of legal claims for slip & fall accidents
Costs of energy loss through wet and damp roof insulation
Higher insurance premiums due to more frequent claims arising from water damage
Costs of premature roof replacement
The industry average costs for a roof maintenance program (roof size of 100,000 sqft) is approximately 0.05 per sq. ft. per year compared to 0.20 per sq. ft. per year for roofs without a maintenance program.