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Patent-pending Emergency Inspection Restoration Process (EIRP)

A game-changer in disaster recovery.

Our expertise goes beyond the surface. Our Patent-Pending Emergency Inspection Restoration Process (EIRP) can identify and quantify damage-causing agents on site.

We comprehend buildings on a scientific level, viewing them as holistic entities rather than isolating specific areas. This ensures every aspect is considered and gets to the root cause of the problem.

This profound understanding ensures that every piece connects seamlessly. We use a scientific and forensic approach to diagnose issues; we unravel the ‘why’ behind the problem and provide a clear roadmap of ‘how’ to fix it.

This one-of-a-kind process is unique to JARDY Group and makes the environment safe for adjustors, consultants, and risk managers to enter the space and assess the damage.

EIRP - Analyzing - Post Fire Particles - Manufacturing Plant
Letting the Structure Speak for Itself!

Understanding EIRP

EIRP, short for Emergency Inspection Restoration Process, employs categorical numerical identifiers from the onset. These markers provide a logical breakdown of the present catastrophic situation, categorizing the building’s problems as level 1, level 2, or level 3.

This systematic approach helps prioritize tasks, determine timelines, and communicate effectively, even with absent stakeholders.

Our EIRP Process At Work

When time is of the essence, EIRP emerges as a powerful tool, turning the industry upside down and setting new standards for speed, precision, and comprehensive disaster recovery.

Swift and Efficient

Our process achieves in 3-5 minutes what traditionally takes hours. It's not just a faster method; it's a more efficient, exact, and safer approach to disaster recovery.

Precise Diagnosis

EIRP offers certainty in diagnosis, providing markers that serve as the foundation for every subsequent step. It accelerates the restoration process and offers clarity on what is damaged, why action is necessary, and the urgency involved.

Clearance and Documentation

Our approach ensures that contaminants are eradicated, providing pre-and-post documentation that showcases the correct execution of restoration efforts.