How’s Your Buildings Indoor Air Quality?

Call Jardy Group, LLC in Ponte Vedra & Jackonsville, FL to answer that question...

We have over four decades of ‘boots on the ground’ experience in helping you obtain a Healthy Indoor Environment by providing: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys, Mold Surveys, & Forensic Investigations to find out ‘why’ you got an IAQ issue in your Home or Office and 'How' to 'Fix' the IAQ issue...

People spend the majority of their times now inside of buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that the breathable air inside buildings could be up to five times more polluted than the adjacent air outside. The EPA has listed indoor air quality (IAQ) as one of the top five environmental health risks today!

How much AIR do we actually breathe?
The importance of acceptable air-quality is reinforced when we quantify the amount of air we breathe in each day. We all read and study about the importance of eating right. What about the importance of 'breathing' right?

An average person will consume an estimated 3 pounds of food each day. How does that compare to the amount of air we breathe in? An average person breathes in 14.4 cubic meters of air a day. This weighs 38 pound per pound we need clean air also...


Jardy Group, LLC can handle any type of indoor environmental problem. From Fire and Smoke to Moisture and MOLD, we’ll restore your building to its original beauty in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-891-4749 today to schedule a consultation.

What causes a poor indoor environment? MOISTURE!

Most causes of indoor environmental issues occur when there is a Defective Structural Component, allowing the internal environment to interact with the external environment. The two environments interacting with each other creates high levels of Moisture Inside Your Building. 90% of all Buildings issues concerning IAQ are Moisture related!
Moisture, particularly on wood surfaces, can lead to harmful biological contamination, such as mold and bacteria. These contaminants grow and spread quickly to other areas of your building, causing an unhealthy indoor living environment.
IAQ's Health Effects
Sinus Problems...
Burning or Itchy Eyes...
Headaches and Tremors...
Fatigue, Lack of Energy...
Nausea, Digestive problems...
Sore Throats...
Skin Rashes, Itching, Welts...
Flu-Cold Like Symptoms...
These are just a few of the Red Flags Warning you of an IAQ Issue...
A 'SICK' Building...Means...'SICK' Occupants...



An Indoor Environmental Survey consisting of onsite quick analysis of your interior built environments indoor air quality (IAQ). Microbial contamination with poor environmental hygiene whether in a commercial setting or at home can be troublesome. We offer detection abilities onsite (in your building) of any microbial contamination quickly (15 seconds) and affordably so decisive correction actions can be taken quickly...
We call this a Systems Approach


Got a New HOME or COMMERCIAL Building being Built?
Stained/Black/Greenish-Dirty-Moldy Wood Framing & Trusses?
Being told by your Builder, its OK? REALLY? Better Call Us...DO NOT Cover it up!
Crawlspace smells Bad, you see Visible MOLD?
A Safe workable solution to remove these microbial contaminates on wood, concrete, brick, & stucco without heavy dosing of chemicals we offer is Media Soda Blasting
We have not one but two 'STATE of the ART' Blasting units at our facility...
We have over 4 decades of Media Blasting experience...
We are 'Certified' - 'Florida Licensed' - 'Local Remedial/Abatement Contractor'...
We provide 'Workable Solutions' in all Remedial/Mitigation of Microbial Contaminates...


Are you RENTING?
Are you LEASING?
Are you NOT the OWNER?
When all your options come down to that you really can’t do anything where you are living or working, about your latent and patent defects (hidden) in the building envelope, you still have a choice to have acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) indoors, no matter if its an office, manufacture, industrial, or home.
Its S.A.B.R. Guard. Commercial/ Industrial Buildings also have additional options and for tailoring with time constraints and budgets. Are you recovering at your HOME from major surgery or illness? You too have options tailored just for you and your recovery.

What about your Childs Health? Away from Home!

Everyday your child is exposed to dangerous micro-organisms and other contaminates passed on, these infections are spread easily from child-to-child or even caregiver-to-child. Children who are attending Day Caremay even get Giardiasis, which is caused by a parasite. This infection causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, and gas. In many child care facilities, the staff simply cannot care for a sick child due to space or staff limitations.

Gym & Health Clubs

Are you trying to get Healthy at a Health Club or Gym? The worst thing would be to get sick or aquire an infection while your trying to stay Healthy! Now you really don’t need to be concerned with S.A.B.R. Guard protecting you.

RESTAURANTS…Customers Come Hungry…Leave Healthy…

While your Restaurant Kitchen may never be as sterile as a hospital clean room, it's important that you eliminate as much dirt and bacteria as possible, for the health and safety of your customers…not to mention your Staff. A Survey conducted online by Harris Poll in 2016 found that 93 percent of adults in the United States would avoid entering an establishment again if they previously experienced some type of flaw with the facility. This includes common issues related to restaurant cleanliness, such as general bad odor, stinky-dirty restrooms, and filthy surfaces. You don’t have to put up with these…we can help... Your Customers should come Hungry and leave Healthy…with S.A.B.R Guard reduce the risks of bacterial contaminations.


Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems are not limited to homes. In fact, many Commercial/Industrial Buildings have significant air pollution sources. People working there generally have less control over the indoor work environment than they do in their homes. As a result, there has been an increase in the incidence of reported health problems at work. According to a recent American Industrial Hygiene Association membership survey – the world's largest association of its kind, representing nearly 12,500 occupational and environmental health and safety professionals -- indoor air quality (IAQ) is the most serious issue facing today's American worker. Considering that IAQ is a constantly changing interaction of biological (microbes), chemical, and physical factors, it comes as no surprise that in numerous documented cases over the last several years, "sick building syndrome” or also called “building related illnesses” even in Offices has been cited as the primary culprit in the shutting down of workplaces for extensive cleanings and renovations, resulting in production and labor-hour losses well into the tens-of-millions of dollars.

Three reasons you should choose Jardy Group, LLC

Our certified indoor environmental professionals:

  • Apply building science, engineering and mathematics principles to identify building envelope deficiencies, pertaining to commercial and industrial properties, as well as to new construction projects.
  • Use EPA-registered containment materials and state-of-the-art equipment to stabilize affected areas.
  • Provide a detailed report, explaining the current condition of your building envelope and our recommendations for remediation and mitigation.

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Special Announcement

Special Announcement

The JARDY Group has become a Certified applicator for the Goldshield line of products ( Tom Higgins, CEO of AP Goldshield LLC, stated : “We are delighted to announce that the JARDY Group , a veteran owned businesss, has been Certified as an official applicator of the Goldshield technologies.” The Goldshield products include patented antimicrobial agents that are considered the best in the world to prevent the growth of molds, mildew, and algae through a residual performing formulations. They also include cleaning agents that remove these organism, while not being corrosive to substrates. For information please contact: 904-891-4749... Jardy Group, LLC

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