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We Actually Reduce Your Health Risks from Microbial Contaminates

'Your Indoor Environments should be free from these Microbes'

Everyday we’re exposed to dangerous micro-organisms and other contaminates passed from individuals/animals, fomites, doors, walls, computers, and work equipment, as well as, through the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. These include viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, and unpleasant odors (VOCs). Some of these odors (VOCS) are only annoying, others can make you very sick!

We specialize in the workable cost effective treatments and professional disinfectant cleaning of any facilities interior built environment for Medical/Clinical, Assisted Living, Educational Institutions, Daycares, Sport Fitness, Manufacturing Processes, Industrial Plants and Industrial Equipment and Machinery. Also your HOME!

We truly are ‘Boots on the Ground’ not a sub of a sub or some other entity…you will talk to one or both of us...

Ron D. Young, CIEC

Ron D. Young, CIEC

“A Man With A Passion For A Healthy Indoor Environment”

Ron D Young, CIEC founder of JARDY Group, has over thirty years’ experience of applying building science techniques pertaining to the causes of hazardous indoor environmental issues related to, indoor air quality, biological contamination, structural defects and water intrusion affecting both residential and commercial structures.

Ron currently holds six state licenses and several national indoor environmental certifications. Ron presides as JARDY's principal indoor environmental consultant assisting architects, engineers, builders, industrial companies insurance companies and attorney firms. Ron views himself as a “trusted advisor” to his clients, ensuring all factual data is properly documented and confidentially disclosed for them to review.

Robert Lesko

Robert Lesko

“There Is No Substitute For The Factual Truth”

Robert Lesko co-founder of JARDY Group, has over thirty years’ experience related to manufacturing and distribution of residential and commercial building products including exterior wall systems, curtain wall systems, windows and exterior doors. Robert has been a member and served on the board of advisors for associations that included AIA, CSI, AAMA, NHBA and WDN.

His many years of experience in studying building product design capabilities and manufacturing processes makes an outstanding combination when conducting product performance field testing procedures used to inform his clients where and most importantly why hazardous indoor environmental structural issues have developed.