Fire/Smoke/Soot Damage? Now What? Your Next 24 Hrs are Crucial!

Call Jardy Group, LLC for commercial fire/smoke/Soot/Corrosion damage restoration services

POST FIRE EVENT...Basic Procedures...
The very basic procedures for restoration/mitigation is an 8-step process...

1. PHYSICAL CONTAINMENT (PC) of effected areas.
2. Install GAS-PHASE-HEPA filtration devices.
3. Employ AIR-WASHING to remove soot laden dust.
4. DRY CLEAN contaminants from all substrates.
5. Apply an ION REDUCER to all substrates.
6. WET-SCRUB floors continually...24/7.
7. Rinse/Rinse/Rinse with DE-IONIZED WATER.

However, there are a number of modifications to the basic procedures above, which, may be employed...Artfully...Scientifically...

Jardy Group, LLC is here to help when you need it most...We have 4-decades of 'Boots on the Ground' in helping Commercial Facilities in these un-charted waters...your now having...

Fire/Smoke/Soot damage can be devastating for any business. In addition to fire, there’s always smoke, soot and water damage coupled with the disaster.

When your Commercial/Industrial facility has fallen victim to an:
1. Electrical fire,
2. PVC fire,
3. or any other type of fire,
call NOW...Time is not on your side...but we are...Jardy Group, LLC...

Our team will work quickly to restore your commercial/industrial facility back to its pre-fire condition.

Emergency Restoration of Manufacturing Contents. Prompt and effective control of corrosion is a primary concern in preserving electronic equipment, machinery, and electrical panels after fire/smoke/soot exposure. When electrical machinery is allowed to continue operating subsequent to a fire/smoke/soot contamination event, the large voltages involved produce major electrochemical attack on metal surfaces. In addition, the electrolytic conduction process will cause chloride ION to migrate into crevices and regions to which it otherwise would not penetrate.

Drying effectively, removal of acid residues, application of protective coatings, indoor environmental IAQ established is primary. Establishing a dry stable indoor environment should take precedence over less time sensitive damage. Neutralizing and the cleaning procedures include fogging, spray, and immersion cleaning with non-ionic detergents and deionized water rinsing.
Jardy Group, LLC will be at your facility in 24/7 365 to help you stay in operation...

Every fire damage situation is unique; there are no truly typical occurrences. In the aftermath of a fire the victim’s desire to return to normal is a compelling force, often balanced by an equally compelling desire to see the restoration and repairs performed properly. Any uncertainty regarding insurance coverage and the availability of funds adds to those pressures. Unfamiliarity with the fire damage situation makes it difficult for fire victims to formulate accurate expectations, leaving them vulnerable to the opinions of co-workers, relatives, neighbors, and other outside influences (such as the web).

Our highly trained fire/smoke/soot damage restoration specialists and certified indoor environmental professionals will:

  • Strategically contain the effected area
  • Remove harmful airborne toxins (VOCs), to keep you in operation
  • Immediately start a 24/7 neutralized cleaning and air purification treatment
  • STOP the Corrosion effects from the fire/smoke/soot on your machinery and equipment...

Fire damaged machinery

Fire damaged machinery

contained to keep the facility operational